WSDF is a worldwide organization which has the purpose of gatherings of Law Enforcement,Military ,individuals,associations of self defense in each aspect , without limitations on any martial art style ( armed or unarmed ) . Each martial arts style can be a member of our organization  , proposing their own  martial arts system about self defense. WSDF is an organized Law Enforcement ,  Airforce,Navy,Marine,Police, Special Agents,Drug Enforcement , Martial Arts Instructors , associations and federations which works closely connected in order to purpose the same aim and goals of the group  : work together under the name of WSDF to promote and encourage the people around our community, associations and federations worldwide . Our organization policy and mission : to be an organization who wants to promote and takes initiatives to favour a common plan and the meeting of any style in the same topic of self defence .  To be a WSDF member ; you'll have the right to receive an international certificate with the identification code for each style and signed by the board of each head instructor  . We have  a divisions  where you will practice closely with some of the best specialists from each part of the world with our recommendation to our members.

Divisions :

- Martial Arts

- Self Defence

- Law enforcements

- Military

- Body guards